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Data is your organization’s most valuable asset. Having the correct data in the correct place at just the correct time saves your organization time and money. Information collected over time in company databases tells the story of how your business has performed in the past, and most importantly, it helps people throughout the organizational chart make the decisions which shape the direction in which your business goes. Surprisingly, however, many companies don’t treat their data accordingly.

That’s where Tech Services and our Business Intelligence (BI) consulting practice come in. We help you take proper care of your data so it will take care of your business decisions. Our consultants have the experience and expertise to deliver you a “full-stack” BI architecture securely in the cloud or on-premises, whichever is best for your business. If your organization is like most, then your data is spread out disparately in disorganized fashion across several different architectures and databases. We’ll make sense of all your data sources and assist you in devising a sound consolidation strategy.

Tech Services BI consultants will also build you a data warehouse that your organization will utilize as the single source for actionable insights. To do this, we cleanse your data from all original database sources, create a relational model that will effectively store all your data and especially prioritize the mission-critical sectors of it which your operators and decision-makers need access to every day, and leverage scalable technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and ETL principles to deliver you reliable BI.

Those same operators and decision-makers need the best available application tools that aggregate and enable examination of your warehoused data – tools such as self-service user interfaces with dashboards of both graphical and tabular data representations. Tech Services BI consultants will install Microsoft PowerBI and similar data visualization tools and integrate them with the data warehouse. We’ll also customize the visualization for your team so they can turn your data into powerful, relevant reporting that drives achievement of your business objectives.

Helping you optimize the way you store and use your business data is what we do for you. Cohesive data structure. Robust warehousing. Dynamic reporting. All scalable to fit your emerging needs. That’s Tech Services BI Consulting services.

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