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With more than 100 combined years of experience in the discipline, the consultants of Tech Services’ Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions practice are pioneers in business process automation.

Your processes are critical to organizational success. They not only serve your customers and partners, but also help your employees help your customers and partners. Today’s and tomorrow’s business processes need to maximize automation, minimize bottlenecks and enable your team members to best utilize their work ethic, intuition and common sense. When you need to leverage custom and open-source code to transform your currently-hampered processes, or simply need to improve your current BPM solution, the Tech Services BPM team builds a relationship with you, creates bold plans based on solid knowledge and helps you streamline your business processes by doing all of the following:

  • Gaps and opportunities-for-improvement identifications using business process analysis (BPA) software
  • Future-state modeling and selection of best alternative processes
  • Cloud or on premise BPM software/hardware architecting and solution delivery
  • “BPM for ERP” – isolate management of frequently-changing processes from your core ERP software development and configuration
  • “Health Check” – pre- or post-Production evaluation and fine-tuning of BPM software performance
  • Tier 2/3 Managed Services for BPM

Client success stories:

  • Media – Dramatically improved a previously-manual intensive, unresponsive customer ordering technology by designing and building a global architecture (many countries on one platform) giving operators much better order status visibility and accelerated order-to-cash timeframe
  • Bank – Created a customer check deposit funding approval automated workflow across 1,000 branch offices, significantly reducing business risk and processing time
  • Utilities – Consolidated many disparate tenant management applications into a single business process for collecting from real estate agents and validating information about new tenants, communicating tenant updates to energy suppliers, and paying agents accurate commissions
  • Interior Design – Aggregated several company departments onto a single automated sales quote generation and approval process
  • Logistics – Extended an existing BPM solution to a responsive mobile interface designed for field personnel usage

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