We would like to offer you the opportunity to earn some additional CASH using our Client Referral Program!

Over the years, we’ve found that our very best source of quality and respected clients is through referrals. It’s our hope that the CLIENT REFERRAL PROGRAM will encourage more referrals and show our appreciation to our past and present consultants.

How It Works:  When you refer an opportunity and the order executes a minimum of 100 hours, or your opportunity turns into a placement with one of our clients, you can receive a referral bonus based on the value of the opportunity.

  • You DO NOT have to be a current Technology Services employee or contractor in order to participate.
  • ANYONE who can identify a company’s need for technical talent can earn extra money as a Tech Services Scout.
  • There’s no limit to how much money you can earn!
  • The opportunity can be for perm FTE placement or contract efforts.

If you have an opportunity to refer, please click here and we will keep you informed of the outcome.

If you’re directly responsible for hiring and have an opportunity please click here.

Last year, Tech Services paid out more than $75,000 to people who referred us to new clients.   We hope you will join our Scout program.