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Microsoft SharePoint is a dependable, highly-customizable tool for your business. It enables communication, collaboration and getting work done. There are many steps involved with making SharePoint truly great for your organization, so it helps to have assistance from a firm with the relationship-building desire, expertise and proven SharePoint implementation and configuration success to guide you. Let Tech Services’ Microsoft SharePoint Solutions consulting practice be your guide.

Working with our clients, our SharePoint Solutions consultants have provided leadership through many important decision-making milestones including:

  • On-premise versus cloud-based SharePoint…do you need complete control of the infrastructure while incurring certain associated up-front and ongoing investments?
  • What specific enterprise applications, business processes and/or file shares do you need on your SharePoint platform?
  • How much custom SharePoint development do you need for business productivity and user experience purposes, to include interactive forms and/or workflow automation?
  • In what ways do you need to unleash the power of search within your SharePoint architecture?

In turn, once we help you make the best-possible decisions, Tech Services SharePoint Solutions consultants begin improving your situation by getting hands-on to transform your SharePoint vision into reality. We form SharePoint-dedicated teams of analysts, developers, engineers and project managers who get all of the following and more done for you:

  • Rapid out-of-the-box deployments or custom application/business process development
  • SharePoint integrations with internal or third-party applications
  • Document management system-building
  • Private SharePoint MySites for productivity-oriented social networks or corporate Intranets
  • User and administrator training

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