Understand & Measure, Transform & Expose, Integrate & Automate

Understand & Measure, Transform & Expose, Integrate & Automate

Delivering Multi Device Enterprise Workflow Solutions

Technology Services has years of experience providing cloud based, multi-device enabled, enterprise workflow solutions to a wide array of companies in diverse industries. Our ability to provide measured success is founded in our methodology:

  • Understand & Measure
  • Transform & Expose
  • Integrate & Automate.

We rapidly assemble teams made up of business analysts, software architects, project managers, front end developers, DBAs, enterprise software developers and technology specific specialists to fit your organization’s needs.

Now is the time to ensure your business outcomes through digital technology.

Understand & Measure

Our engagement team collaborates with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand what your organization’s goals, workflows, existing technology landscape, current bottlenecks and how you measure success. The knowledge from this phase enables us to architect a solution that is custom built for your organization.

Transform & Expose

Collaborating with your SMEs (subject matter experts) to document all data sources and business rules. We migrate your data to the cloud (or data center) and ensure all business rules are in place. Employing industry agreed upon best practice, we expose your data and business rules using RESTful service, syndicated feeds and protocols which are necessary to communicate with existing and newly architected solutions.

Integrate & Automate

As companies evolve they make use of a wide array of technologies and platforms. The data managed and reported by these technologies contains your client, product inventory, employee, financial, marketing and much more. Many of these applications are silos, which, prevents the efficient execution of your workflow. Reporting on this data fosters departmental solutions, typically in excel, that are undocumented; but become mission critical.

Tech Services’ efforts streamline the amount of applications/web portals your employees or clients use to interact with your company’s data.  Our goal is to also improve the business rules defined during the Transform & Expose phase of the project. By doing so the need for undocumented departmental solutions (Rogue IT) is greatly minimized.

We develop testing and training plans to ensure that our solutions are highly usable and enforce all your rules. You teams collaboration is key to the successful rollout of the solution.

Back to the Beginning

We ensure that throughout this iterative process our work is documented and can be maintained by our staff or if desired your internal technology teams.

Our work is not done.  After your team starts adopting the new solution, we measure efficiency and identify additional areas for process improvement and cost reduction.

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